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November 16, 2020

BLIPPO Cute Kawaii Face Mask

I’ve received a package from BLIPPO not long ago. One of their newest products is the BLIPPO Cute Kawaii Face Mask which protects you in a cute (kawaii) way. One package contains 10 masks and there are two sizes: for adults and for children as well.

These are the first disposable/single-use masks I’ve tried so far. I own a few reusable/washable masks, they are fine but I know that sometimes those are just not convenient enough. I have the luxury to stay at home as much as I want in these times but I’m still very happy to try out the BLIPPO Cute Kawaii Face Masks. The masks are beautiful and cute, they fit perfectly, they are soft and comfortable. I appreciate the re-sealable packaging, this way you can always have clean masks in your bag.

At first glance the masks might look a bit childish if you are not used to stuff like this but I believe they can light up the mood wherever you go. Last Saturday I had to buy something in the city centre (I prefer ordering everything online but sometimes it’s not possible) and I was surprised how no one even looked at me or my mask! 😀 I’m happy to see that face masks are getting popular in Europe too, wearing one is the new norm now. These are still the most unique masks I’ve seen so far, I like wearing them, they would be great gifts as well!

If you can, please wear masks everywhere, protect yourself and the people around you. Let’s get over this pandemic as fast as possible!

You can find the masks here:
BLIPPO Cute Kawaii Face Mask (10 pcs)
BLIPPO Cute Kawaii Face Mask for Kids (10 pcs)

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