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September 10, 2020

JOLSE HAUL: Etude House, Isntree, Son&Park, Answer19+, Nacific, Sooryehan

I placed another order on Jolse. I’m very satisfied with Jolse and DHL too, they make sure we get our Korean cosmetics even in difficult times. My experience is the following: it looks like the packages get shipped within 1.5-2 weeks and DHL delivers them in 3 days. That’s perfect! And I haven’t even mentioned the amount of freebies we get with each order! <3

iroro Dearscalp Enhancive Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo For Women JOLSE | | EBAY
I don’t want to try out more shampoos from the Dutch drug store, I get disappointed everytime I pick up something new. My scalp is very sensitive, most shampoos make my scalp very itchy, it’s unbearable. That’s why I choose Korean anti-hair loss or anti-dandruff shampoos, they never disappoint. This one does its job so far, it’s 300 ml, so I don’t have to buy any more shampoos this year! 😀

Answer19+ Cica Panthenol Cream Mist JOLSE
I LOVED the Shangpree face mist but I wanted something more moisturizing for the winter, that’s why I chose the Answer19+ Cica Cream mist this time. It is not that moisturizing but I like this one too a lot! It contains 10% panthenol (vitamin B5) which is fantastic! I use it in the evening as a face mist but it could be a toner too, of course.

SON&PARK Beauty Water JOLSE | | EBAY | | Yesstyle (mini itt)
The famous Son&Park Beauty Water… It’s been very popular among international K-beauty fans for years, I feel like I’m the last person on this planet who gives it a try… 😀 Honestly, the ingredient lists always scared me away: a lot of alcohol and essential oils in one bottle… That doesn’t sound too inviting to me. Anyway, I’m way too curious, so now I own a mini bottle of the Beauty Water. The texture is nice, it smells lovely but let’s hope it won’t cause irritation!

NACIFIC Pink AHA BHA Serum JOLSE | | Yesstyle
It’s cheap, it’s pink and the new face of the brand is an EXO member. Do I have to say more? 😀 I want it to be my everyday “peeling” serum which I can use often. It’s not a real exfoliator based on the ingredient list but that’s not what I was searching for anyway, I have 20% and 30% AHA serums, I wanted something milder.

Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Perfect Sun Block SPF50+ PA+++ JOLSE | | Yesstyle
I’m a big fan of sunscreens, I use them every single day. Isntree is one of my favourite brands and they have released some sunscreens recently. This one is a physical sun block, great for sensitive skin. It is amazing how quickly it turns transparent, it doesn’t leave a white cast, but I’ll write a review on the blog soon!

ETUDE HOUSE Brow Contouring Kit JOLSE | | EBAY | | Yesstyle
I’m always into something else: browcaras, eyebrow powders, sometimes eyebrow pencils… This kit is inexpensive and I love the fact that it contains a cream, two powders and a highlighter too!

TOSOWOONG Foot Shampoo JOLSE | | Yesstyle
A foot wash and scrub in one and it smells so good! 🙂 I always try to take better care for my feet but I just never manage to keep it up.

Sooryehan Ginseng Mask JOLSE | | EBAY
I have always wanted a ginseng serum but it’s hard to find an affordable one that doesn’t contain a lot of alcohol and perfume. I thought I would give Sooryehan a chance. I bought some face masks to see if I like the formula and the scent. Well, it is GREAT! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked into the mirror: my skin looked younger, healthier, moisturized and not irritated at all! This is exactly how I want my skin to look like! I need more Sooryehan products in my life! 🙂

Many-many samples, an Italy-towel, face mask, blotting paper, a pair of socks, a hair tie.

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