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July 15, 2020

REVIEW: MISSHA Vita C Plus Ascorbic Acid Spot Correcting Concentrate Ampoule

I’ve rediscovered Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) again this year. I usually avoid using this ingredient because it’s too instabil but the new serums are getting better and ascorbic acid is just too powerful, my skin likes it a lot. The MISSHA Vita C Plus Ascorbic Acid Spot Correcting Concentrate Ampoule has a very impressive INCI, it is usually on sale, so I decided to give it a try. Originally I had wanted to buy the very popular MISSHA Vita C Plus Ascorbic Acid Spot Correcting & Firming Ampoule but I realized it contained Ethyl Ascorbyl Ether instead of ascorbic acid.

The MISSHA Vita C Plus Ascorbic Acid Spot Correcting Concentrate Ampoule is a highly concentrated Vitamin C ampoule with 10% Ascorbic Acid produced in the UK. It can fade dark spots, improve the skin tone and reduce blemishes. 15 g.

The first ingredient is licorice root extract followed by Hippophae Rhamnoides Water aka vitamin tee (24.68%) and ascorbic acid (10%). You can find some plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, collagen, tranexamic acid, arbutin vitamins (B3, E, C) etc. in it. It is alcohol and paraben free but contains essential oils and fragrance (eg. linalool).

The ascorbic acid powder and the liquid is stored separately, they get mixed as we press down the pump for the first time. The serum is as fresh and effective as it can be! It’s not sticky, not oily, absorbs fast and doesn’t irritate the skin. There’s a faint scent of botanical extracts, but it’s not strong at all. I keep it in the fridge protected by its own packaging but I think the box is not really needed, it does not oxidize at all! Missha did promise a stabil formula after all! 10% is not much but it sould be enough to see some improvements, better skin tone etc., it is great for beginners! I had to realize that my acne prone skin prefers higher concentrations (15-20%) when it comes to ascorbic acid, this one can’t reduce blemishes as well as other vitamin C serums. I like using it in the morning every day, sometimes in the evening too, it’s gentle and usually on sale! 🙂 The bottle could be a bit bigger, 15 g is not much but I do apply a lot at the same time, that’s why it is almost empty (I opened it 2 months ago). Recommended for anyone as long as you are not sensitive to fragrance.

MISSHA Vita C Plus Ascorbic Acid Spot Correcting Concentrate Ampoule

감초뿌리추출물,비타민나무수(24.68%)*,아스코빅애씨드(10%)*,다이프로필렌글라이콜*,에톡시다이글라이콜,1,2-헥산다이올*,클로렐라 불가리스추출물,인도멀구슬나무꽃추출물,인도멀구슬나무잎추출물,울금뿌리추출물,홀리바질잎추출물,소듐하이알루로네이트,참산호말추출물,유칼립투스잎오일,카카오씨추출물,라벤더오일,하이드롤라이즈드콜라겐*,오렌지껍질오일,왕귤껍질오일,하이알루로닉애씨드,하이드롤라이즈드하이알루로닉애씨드,라우다이모늄하이드록시프로필하이드롤라이즈드밀단백질*,트라넥사믹애씨드*,소듐시트레이트,정제수*,글루코오스,콜레스-24,부틸렌글라이콜,프룩토올리고사카라이드,프룩토오스,트로메타민,카프릴릴글라이콜,알부틴*,나이아신아마이드*,메틸글루세스-10,에틸헥실글리세린*,판테놀,시트릭애씨드,글리세린,덱스트린,카프릴릭/카프릭트라이글리세라이드,하이드로제네이티드레시틴*,세라마이드엔피*,토코페롤,알란토인,글리세릴글루코사이드,아세틸헥사펩타이드-8,피브이피,펜틸렌글라이콜*,팔미토일트라이펩타이드-5,피토스테롤*,풀러린,에칠아스코빌에텔(0.00025ppb)*,아스코빌글루코사이드(0.00025ppb)*,잔탄검,다이소듐이디티에이,리모넨, 리날룰

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