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February 13, 2020

REVIEW: TIAM My Signature Vita Red Mask

The TIAM My Signature Vita Red Mask is a bightening sheet mask from one of my favourite Korean skincare brand. It contains a lot of vitamins to make the skin brighter and the barrier stronger, and it gives a healthy glow to the face. 

The ingredient list is short and simple, it’s all about the vitamins: vitamin tree water provides natural vitamin C, green tea water is a great antioxidant, there’s another form of vitamin C in it too and a little bit of vitamin B5, B3 and E as well. Allantoin has healing and anti-inflammatory, panthenol is soothing and it is alcohol, paraben and fragrance free!

The mask itself is light and soft, it fits just fine but it I think it should be a little bit bigger. The sheet is supposed to be a bit special: it helps delivering the active ingredients deep into the skin. Well, it is comfortable and absorbs a lot of liquid, that’s for sure. The light , watery essence absorbs quickly, has no scent to it and it creates a healthy glow. It’s not too moisturizing, at least not in the winter, I still need to use at least a facial cream. I love how gentle it is, my skin looks healthier and brighter, I appriciate the soothing effect as well. I wish it was more moisturizing, that’s the only thing I can complain about (or at least release the same product in a bottle, it would be a fantastic essence in my opinion).

You can use this mask to even out skin tone, it’s simple and gentle to the skin. I think it is great for normal, combination, oily and sensitive skin. 

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(5) TIAM My Signature Vita Red Mask EBAY | | JOLSE
(10) TIAM My Signature Vita Red Mask EBAY | | JOLSE

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