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December 3, 2019

REVIEW: Isntree EGF Repair Ampoule

Many months ago I fell in love with the TOAS Miracle Laser mask so I decided to discover more products containing the same ingredient: EGF. I found cheaper alternatives at another Korean brand: Isntree. Right now I’m using the Isntree EGF cream (I love it) and the Isntree EGF Repair Ampoule.

The Isntree EGF Repair Ampoule is a highly concentrated serum with 10% EGF and instead of water it contains centella asiatica extract (87%). EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is a peptide which heals the skin: it can speed up wound recovery, stimulates skin growth, improve skin elasticity, prevents wrinkles, makes the skin barrier healthier etc. It’s a powerful anti-aging and skin healing ingredient – I mean scientists won the Nobel Prize in 1986 for developing it!

This Isntree ampoule is a light, watery liquid which absorbs very fast, has no scent and it is alcohol, paraben and fragrance free, great for all skin types! It’s concentrated, a little goes a long way, even Isntree recommends using just a little bit each time because the receptors in the skin can’t accept any more EGF than they need, and since it’s a peptide, you should use it every day to see the best results!

The EGF concentrate is separated from the rest of the ampoule, the two liquids get mixed once you use the product for the first time (press the pump). This way the oxidation is delayed and the amoule stays fresh and will be as effective as it can be! What are the benefits? It makes the skin younger looking by making it firmer, reducing wrinkles and let’s not forget about all the soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients! I like using it under eye creams as well to prevent wrinkles and it has even saved my hands too: the red, painful patches – due to exposure to cold weather – were gone within 1-2 days! I don’t have many wrinkles so the Isntree EGF cream is more than enough but in a few years I’m going to invest into more conentrated EGF serums such as this or the TOAS EGF concentrate. If your focus is on anti-aging and your skin is sensitive and gets irritated often, you should give EGF a chance!

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