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május 24, 2017

Japan Candy Box Review + Giveaway

I was very happy when I received the latest Japan Candy Box because it is always exciting to see what these surprise boxes contain. Besides the review I’ve got some good news for you as well: you can win a box full of Japanese candy too! You’ll find the details in the post below! 🙂

It took weeks but I can finally hold the March/Easter edition of the Japan Candy Box in my hands! This package was seriously packed with all kind of things, I don’t think I have ever received so much candy at once but here we are! 🙂 I love trying out foreign foods, especially snacks because it reminds me of travelling: everything is so new and exciting!

This is what I got:
Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ Pudding Flan Parfait DIY Kit
Kracie Henshin Puchitto – Peach
Coris Whistle Candy – Grape
Meiji Sushi-Bar Gummy Candy
Coris Tsunde Super Sour Lemon Candy
Tohato Caramel Corn
Bandai Doraemon Grape Gummy
Sanrio Character Lollipop
Morinaga Manna Biscuits
Ginbis Tabekko Animal Biscuits

You can find all the products on their website, you can even purchase them one by one: Japan Candy Box March 2017

Which ones were my favourites? I loved the caramel corn chips and the biscuits, these are so tasty, I wish they were sold in the Netherlands too! 😀 But actually everything was pretty good, this was the best surprise candy box I ever tried so I’m definitely not disappointed! 🙂 All I was missing is some yummy Japanese chocolate but oh well, I know that the weather is too warm now and it could melt so I understand it 🙂 My boyfriend totally loved the DIY candy kit! I am not patience enough to enjoy this kind of stuff but I did like helping him, it was fun! Check out the end of the video if you are interested in our “beautiful” pudding… 😀

Japan Candy Box



Win a box full of Japanese candy!


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