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március 30, 2017

[JOLSE] LUI&LEI DIANA GEN Prestige Cream Gold Caviar Review

This is the most unique and beautiful facial cream I have ever seen and I have been lucky enough to receive a full size jar of the new LUI&LEI DIANA GEN Prestige Cream (Gold Caviar)! I’ve been using it for a while so let me share my thoughts with you: it’s time for a review!

I never heard about Lui & Lei before so after doing some “research” I found out that the brand belongs to Hanbul cosmetics, one of Korea’s leading companies (being active for more than 30 years in the industry). As far as I know they’ve been developing premium products and brands, so it’s not your typical Korean road shop brand, although I did read that It’s Skin would merge into Hanbul cosmetics this spring. I guess it means that we can expect more makeup products from them in the future. Great! But let’s take a look at the LUI&LEI DIANA GEN Prestige Gold Caviar Cream!
First of all the packaging is BEAUTIFUL! Yes, with capitals because it looks even more impressive in real life: leather-like box, diamond shaped jar, fine gold flakes in the cream etc. If you are looking for something fancy and luxurious then you can’t go wrong with this product. According to the description this cream treats wrinkles and helps whiten skin by making it brighter and radiant, hence the name Radiance Reviving Cream. It is made with the finest caviar the industry has to offer but there are many more beneficial ingredients in it too: see photo below! My favourites are: shea butter, B3, E, C vitamin, betaine, caviar extract, pearl extract, gold, volcanic soil, I can see a lot of moisturizers etc.: the INCI is not too long or crazy but I find it pretty exciting and impressive. We can also expect deep nourishment and moisturizing effect without having to deal with stickiness and oily feeling. This is definitely true because the cream seriously melts into the skin the moment you apply it! I never experienced something like this before but the consistency of the cream is simply perfect! At least my skin (combination-oily T zone) loved it and I believe that whatever your skin type is, you’ll enjoy applying it. The deep moisturizing effect is noticeable, there’s no oiliness or stickiness, so I like using it as a day and night cream too as it creates a great base for my sunscreen/makeup too.
I love the consistency and the effect it does to my skin (moisturized, smooth, soft, brighter, younger and healthier looking) that I wish all facial creams were similar to this Gold Caviar cream! So light, fast absorbing yet moisturizing enough! I have to say, it is a great product, for me it was love at first sight/use (and I did have high expectations) but be aware: the price tag might be a bit shocking at first sight. Actually it’s not THAT expensive if you consider the quality of the cream (and not to forget, it’s a 55 ml bottle!) and the gorgeous packaging + free shipping. Also: it’s the best gift ever: for yourself or for your wife, friends and family members who appreciate luxurious skincare products. They’ll love it! Where to find it?

LUI&LEI DIANA GEN Prestige Cream Gold Caviar JOLSE webshop | eBay
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  1. Beautiful packaging
  2. Quality
  3. Great consistency
  4. Moisturizing without stickiness
  5. Soft, bright, healthier looking skin
  1. Price
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