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május 25, 2013

Makeup For Fair Skin

Makeup for fair skin!
It is hard to find the right products, but it is even harder if you have very fair/pale skin. Here you can read my tips and experience, I hope it’ll help 🙂

It is really hard to find perfect products for very fair skin but I can give you some tips in this post! 🙂 My skin is very fair, it is impossible to find a good foundation shade in the drugstore, I wear NC15 foundations at MAC. That’s all you need to know about me, lets see the products! 🙂
1. Foundation
It is so hard to find the perfect foundation because it is not just about the shade, I want the right formula and coverage too… Drugstore brands dont seem to care about Snowwhites… But lets see what we can do about it!
  • There is one drugstore foundation that has the right shade for me: MAX Factor Facefinity in 40 Light Ivory, but it is really not for you if you have dry skin. Otherwise it is an awesome product!
  • If you dont mind spending 30-40-50+ euro on a foundation then you can always find the right shade at high end brands for example Bobbi Brown but MAC offers so many shades that it is impossible not to find a good one.
  • Or you can buy a bottle of white foundation and you can mix the darker ones with it to get the right shade! For example: MAC Face and Body white foundation or a cheaper version is the white foundation by Barry M.
  • I love Asian bb creams because it is easy to find the right shade, most of them are very light for example my favourites are the BRTC bb creams, or Missha offers lighter shades and the Lioele Beyond The Solution bb cream is light enough too!
  • Not to forget about mineral foundations! Most brands offer foundations for very fair skin too but mineral foundation is the best choice for people with normal or oily skin or teens.
2. Powder

I know that most people dont wear powder at all but I have to because my T-zone is very oily 🙁

  • If you want to have a good powder then you should try out the translucent powders because these ones have no colour, they look white in the jar but on the skin you cant see the powder. Luckily the inexpensive ones are great too, for example you can find powder like this on the Essence or Catrice shelves but most brands sell these products too!
The Skin 79 Diamond All Day Sun Powder was my favourite in the past. It has a bit of colour but gives you such a nice finish.
3. Concealers, Correctors

I think that it is worth it to buy a more expensive concealer IF you can find the right one (right shade and formula). I’m sure you’ll find nice ones at the MAC, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay or any high ends shops, I do like my concealers from MAC!
There is a cheaper one I like and this is the Baby Doll Pot Concealer by TonyMoly but you can also find concealer palettes at the ebay too with light shades.

4. Blush and Bronzer
  • Most bronzers are too dark or too orange for me…The best bronzer for fair skin is something neutral, or a fleshy shade with peach or pink undertones. NO ORANGE! The bronzer can be 1-2 shades darker than your skin but not darker! If you really cant find anything then just grab a face powder that is a bit too dark for you and there you have your bronzer! 🙂 I use Hoola by Benefit and a light tan shade by The Body Shop but it is supposed to be a blush.
  • I have many blushes, I LOVE them but the prettiest shades for fair skin is light and soft pinks and peaches. Pinch your face and you’ll see how your skin naturally flushes. That is the depth you want and not darker. Too dark blush can age you! My favourites are from MAC, Lumiere, Everyday Minerals and of course NARS Orgasm is one of the most universal shades.

5. Lipstick
There sooo many on the market, it is hard to choose but if you want to be “safe then choose a wark pink, peach or coral shade but nice peachy nudes are great too!
Do you want something darker? No problem, especially if you have naturally darker lips anyway! And dont forget red lips suit you too! 🙂

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