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mĂĄjus 11, 2013

April Empties

These are the products I used up in April. 
I like posts like this so here it is! 🙂

These are my latest used up products, but would I repurchase them? Let’s see!

Salon Conditioner 
YES! I bought this bottle about 6 months ago and it contains 1 l conditioner. That’s a LOT! The product is light so you can use it every day (if you need to wash your hair every day, I dont do that). It is nothing special but what can I expect for 1.99 euro? I got sick of the scent, thats the only reason why I havent repurchased it yet. It is available in the Big Bazar by the way.

Diadermine Cleansing Gel
No. I wash my face at least 2 times a day so I use up a lot of cleansing products. I tried this one out because it was on sale but I dont like it, it does nothing to me, doesnt clean the skin well. Probably it is good for sensitive skin.

Inecto Pure Coconut Shower Cream
NO. I bought it at the Action so I’m sure it wasnt too expensive but this fake coconut scent really bothered me. I want nothing to do with this brand anymore.

Dove Visible Care

MAYBE. It was a gift and it is not bad but isnt amazing either so it gets a “maybe” 🙂

Essence My Skin Soft Cleansing Gel
MAYBE. It is a nice refreshing gel, perfect for summer. I liked this product but my skin needs a more effective cleanser.

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion
YES! I really liked this body lotion because it is light and absorbs fast and the scent is amazing! It is only a mini bottle but it lasted for a while. I prefer this one to the strawberry body lotion btw.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
YES. This is my second bottle and I believe that tea tree oil does have an effect on acne and pimples. I have tried a cheaper version too (Kruidvat) but that wasnt that effective.

Nina Ricci – Nina
YES! I bought this bottle a long time ago and I loved it till the last drop, I could never get bored with this nice and feminine scent. I’ll definitely repurchase it but I need to use up some more perfumes first 😀

Shakira S by Shakira
MAYBE. Yes, only a maybe because I did love this perfume and it made me very happy when I got it for my birthday but slowly it changed itself and the last drops werent nice scented anymore. I treat my perfumes well, I keep them away from sunlight and high humidity, so I expect them to last longer than this.

Yves Rocher PureCalmille
YES! This is an inexpensive and very good body “butter”/lotion. It smells like camille.
Yves Rocher Tradition de Hammam Peeling
YES! Although I prefer more effective body scrubs but this one smells like heaven and made my skin super soft thanks to the oils it contains.

Arvella Organic Geranium &Lavender Whipped Body Butter

YES! I had two body butter from Arvella and these ones are perfect for very dry skin because these are made of natural ingredients, different oils and I liked using them during winter 🙂 The shipping cost is the same in every European country, just in case some of my dried skin readers would like to try these products out 🙂

Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Ivory Matte Eye Primer
NO. I have written about this product in another post but let me say it again: I used to love this primer, it was amazing but then it changed and became “glue”, it was very hard to work with it 🙁

Coconut Care Facial Cleansing Wipes

NO! It is from the Action too and I dont think I ever had  worse cleansing wipes than this… The wipes are bad quality, dry and just wont remove make up.

There a lot of NO’s this time but I really try my best to use up the products that I bought a LONG time ago. Like it or not, you have to use them up. This is my motto 😀
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