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május 8, 2013

Bdellium Tools Green Bambu Brush Set

Full make up with one brush set only? Yes!

In this post I’d like to show you that you only need a few good brushes to create a full make up look. 🙂
I had been craving for some Bdellium brushes when I finally saw some sets on iherb.com and I ordered a mini kit. Originally I wanted the smokey eyes set but that was sold out but I didnt really mind it because it set looked promising too. Bdellium is a vegan and cruelty free brand, the brushes have syntethic bristles as well. I chose the Green Bambu 5 piece Mineral Kit that was made for mineral make up but of course you can use it for anything else! 🙂

The packaging is nice and cute and the brushes surprised me. The contour brush is smaller than what I expected and the blending brush is much bigger than any other brush I’ve seen! 😀 I was just staring at it for a few moments like: O.o 😀 The bristles are very fine and soft.

#959B Powder Blending
Oh.My.God. I love this brush! The head is dense and the bristles are VERY soft! It is supposed to be a brush for applying mineral powder but the shape and the synthetic bristles turn it into a multi-tasking brush. It is good for applying any powder, cream or liquid face product: foundation, blush, bronzer and it gives you an air brush finish.

#942B Slanted Contour
It is a bit smaller than any other angled brush so it is perfect for contouring (obviously 😀 ) and to apply highlighter or blush to the cheeks/cheek bones. I had a brush for this purpose but this one works much better somehow.

#787B Duet Fiber Large Tapered Blending

When I looked at the brush, I was like “OMG” etc. 😀 This is the biggest blending brush I have ever seen! I have small eyes so I was a bit scared to use it but it is not just a great blending brush but you can apply concealer under your eyes, contour your nose or apply highlighter anywhere. It has the right form to be able to handle all this work. It is my second favourite from the kit 🙂

#778B Large Shadow

This was bigger than I expected as well 🙂 I like how dense and soft it is! You can work on your eyelid with this and apply highlighter to the eyebrow bones as well. I like it because it is bigger, denser and softer than most of my other eyeshadow brushes.
#934B Precision Concealer
This concealer brush is “nothing special”, does its job well. Although you can also apply eyeshadow with it, especially when you want to do it in a very precise way. I use brushes like this to apply colour to my lower lash line. I prefer a brush like this to a pencil brush.
 In the photos the brushes are sticked together, this is how it arrived in the package but then I moved the head from left to right, back and forth and then everything was fine, the bristles stood as they had to be 🙂


I think this set could be perfect for a beginner because you can use these brushes in so many different way. But the kit can be also interesting for anyone else, no matter how many brushes you have because these ones are really special, not everyday brushes that you can find in any kit 🙂

Use this code  BIV421 to get 5 or 10 dollar discount on your first order! 

There are so many brushes in the webshop, you can buy them one by one but the kits are gorgeous and I hope one day I’ll own one of them! 🙂

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