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április 24, 2013

TOP 10 TV Series

 My favourite TV series. And what are yours?

In the past I only watched movies but one of my pen pals sent me the first season of Supernatural and it changed my life. I have watched soooo many tv shows since then and I am really obsessed so if you can recommend some awesome series, please let me know! 🙂 These are the series I’ve been watching lately. 

TOP 10

1. Game of Thrones

This is my favourite right now! I think everyone watches the Game of Thrones because it is a fantastic TV show, it never lets me down, and it’s super exciting!

2. Downton Abbey

This is a beautiful TV show! I love period pieces and this one is just perfect! I cant wait for the new season!

3. The Vampire Diaries

TVD is disappointing lately but I did adore this show and I still watch is. Klaus is my favourite and I really hope that The Originals will be released, I’d really miss him!

4. Supernatural

This was supposed to be the last season but I guess something went wrong, the producers couldnt find a good ending for this awesome show so this season is nothing but suffering. Well, I1ll keep on watching it because I like the boy, Supernatural belongs to my life by now 😀

5. White Collar

I dont like detective stories but who can say no to Matt Bomer? 🙂 This tv show is not bat, it always makes me wanna watch the next episode, it is exciting and funny.
6. True Blood

I think the new season is coming this summer and I really cant wait! Sometimes it is a bit crazy, a bit sick, but I love it!

7. Pretty Little Liars

This tv show is very popular, keeps the audience in front of the tv every week and I’m sure that everyone is waiting for the next season. This A-story is getting a bit old but whatever, we like it! 🙂

8. The Carrie Diaries

I thought it would be better but I stopped watching it and I’m not “up to date” anymore with this tv show but I’ll catch up when I’m very very bored and have nothing to do 😀 It’s a bit childish sometimes, but not too bad.

9. The Lying Game

This is not a master piece, but somehow I liked it when I was very bored and had nothing else to watch lol I have no idea if this tv show will be continued or not, we’ll see.

10. The Voice US

I hate talent search programs but I watch The Voice US because of Shakira and it turned out to be an awesome show! The coaches are entertaining and the jokes are good. I especially loved the blind auditions! 🙂

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