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√°prilis 3, 2013

March Favourites ‚ô• 2013

March Favourites ūüôā

Last month I didnt write about my favourites so this is more like a February-March favourites post. You might have noticed that there are many cream products in the photos and that is rare on this blog because I am really not fond of creams… But this month I’ve been loving some face and body creams too ūüôā

Urban Decay NAKED Basics

I have been loving this palette since the moment I got it out from the package. You can read my review HERE and my opinion hasnt changed, it is an amazing product.

Yves Rocher Blushes (Pirosítók)

I have a lot of blushes and I like using a different colour every day but I kept reaching out for these Yves Rocher blushes again and again in the last 2 months. I love the colours and the compact form, and there is soooo much product in these pans: I have been using these blushes for a year!

MAC Studio Fix 

Another “warrior”: I bought this MAC Studio fix powder about 1.5 year ago and look at it… It might not be cheap but it is worth it. You can use it as powder or foundation too, it depends on the brushes you use, and the way you apply it ūüôā

MAC Studio Finish Concealer 

I have been using this MAC concealer for 1.5 year. Every single day and look at the pan! Unbelievable! ūüėÄ I will deffinitely repurchase it! The coverage is very good and it will stay on its place all day, it’s an awesome product.

Rituals Lipgloss

It is not new, I got it in a Glossy Box more than a year ago. I love this colour ūüôā

Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lipgloss

This lipgloss is quite thick and it is long lasting as well. I thought this colour would be too dark for me but I was wrong because I’ve loved this product since January ūüôā

Missha Signature Wrinkle Filler BB cream

I LOVE it, and I’m really happy that I’ve chose this BB cream. In the meantime I have tried out the “normal” Missha Signature bb cream is, and I liked that one too, but this one feels better on my skin somehow.

Benefit It’s Potent Eye cream
Benefit Total Moisture facial cream

I am not a fan of eye creams but I really like this one. It is supposed to brighten the dark circles under your eyes and it also makes the skin cooler, which is a great feeling in the morning! I like it a lot! ūüôā
When I dry out my face with the next product, then I use the Total Moisture by Benefit, because it moisturize the skin without that annoying greasy feeling to it, it absorbs very fast!


It is my favourite because it dry out my skin in a couple of days. No, just kidding. It does dry your skin but it kills the bacteria in the pimples very fast! I have seen results in a couple of days, but it is a “dangerous” cream, dont use it if you have no idea how to handle it properly.

Yves Rocher Pure Calmille

I used to hate myself for buying “another cream I’ll never use” but I have discovered how awesome this cream is! ūüôā It is similar to The Body Shop body butters a bit, of course it doesnt have an awesome scent but it absorbs fast and moisturize the skin for about 24 hours! As far as I know this cream is available in a different packaging now because Yves Rocher celebrates its anniversary (or something like that :p ).

Eco Tools Facial Sponges

I wrote about these sponges a few days ago HERE. I can just repeat myself, it is a must have in everyone’s bathroom, your skin will love it!

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