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március 7, 2013

REVIEW: Zoeva Brushes

NEW IN: Zoeva brushes + review!





Today I introduce you a brand and web shop called Zoeva!
The courier was DHL and I could track my package, I got updated via e-mails. The shipping was super fast, the package arrived form Germany within 24 hours! WOW The products come in a box and everything is wrapped perfectly, the service is really good!



 The brushes


The great quality Zoeva brushes have a nice design (just look at them 🙂 ) and are really inexpensive. The brushes can be bought one by one but there are different kits available in the webstore as well. Zoeva sells both natural and synthetic hair brushes too. Not just the good quality and the great price are own Zoeva’s side but the fact that it is an European webshop, so you dont have to pay customs fee when you buy something here (if you buy something outside of the EU then you have to pay customs fee in most of the countries).



124 Grand Stippling


I had always wanted a brush like this so I was happy to start using it. It is supposed to be good for liquid, cream and powder products but it only works for me with cream blushes and loose mineral powder. I think other foundation brushes like 102 or 104 would work much better for me.



127 Luxe Sheer Cheek 


Although I have similar brushes from other brands but this one is definitely the best! This angled blush brush has natural premium quality hair and is incredibly soft! It is dense enough to apply and blend powder products at the same time. It can be used for blush and for bronzer as well. I might be childish but I love this brush so much that I take extra care of it: it is separated from my other brushes and I treat it like it is some kind of treasure to me… 🙂



223 Petit Eye Blender
This synthetic brush is “petit” enough to be good for smaller yes (like mine) too. It is dense, so you can concentrate the colour well in your crease or blend it out. It can be used for cream or powder eye shadows perfectly!




231 Petit Crease
This is my other favourite4 🙂 This brush is perfect for the crease if you want a nicely blended look. The bristles are very soft and the brush is not too dense, thats why it is good for building the colour into your crease and blending at the same time. It is a rare brush, at lease most brands dont sell something like this, which is a shame because it is a VERY useful and good brush! 🙂




316 Classic Liner
I have some eye liner brushes and this one is just as good as the rest I own. It is great for cream products but to be honest I put the eye pencil on this brush too (the creamier eye pencils) and then I can draw a better line on my eyelid. Try it out, eyeliner is much easier like this 🙂



The brushes are really good, especially the eye brushes and the ones with natural hair (the quality is amazing!). Take a look at the brush sets as well because there are a lot different sets and the price is sometimes unbelievable! Really inexpensive for such great brushes!



Brush Cleanser
I could never find a good brush cleanser. The one from e.l.f. is cheap but not that great at all, the one from MAC is too expensive. Luckily the Zoeva brush cleanser is inexpensive and very good! It has a nice scent, contains oil to maintain the bristles and alcohol to clean the bacteria. It can be used for a quick ‘wash’ or deep wash as well and it cleans every brush, no matter how big they are! You can see it well in my video above! The brushes dry very fast and can be used again. This brush cleanser is perfect for me!











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