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m√°rcius 2, 2013

REVIEW - BeBook Pure E-reader

Meet my new e-reader ūüôā

I’m old fashioned when it comes to books, I like to hold them in my hands and I cant believe I have turned to e-reader but it happened! I had to realize that buying an e-reader and e-books cost way less than buying ‘real’ books so I started to look for some potential e-readers. All I knew that I didnt want my e-reader to have touch screen and then I found the BeBook Pure! The buttons are on the side and I found that a great idea so here it is, now I own a BeBook Pure! The company does sell an e-reader with built in WiFi and touch screen and it costs only a few euro-s more. 
The BeBook Pure is the thinnest e-reader available on the market, easy to use, reads most file formats, easy to use and has 4GB internal memory. The crystal clear e-links wont make your eyes tired, it is perfect for reading.
So far our “relationship” is perfect, I love it and use it a lot, it is perfect for travelling as well, I can say that e-readers are really one of the best inventions EVER! ūüôā

I didnt buy the official case because I would use it that much anyway and it is way too expensive so I ordered a case from ebay for less than 2 euro (no shipping cost). A few days ago I saw the same item in a store for 14.99 euro. wow…

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