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EcoTools Cellulose Facial Sponges

EcoTools Cellulose Facial Sponges.

Everyone knows the brand EcoTools for their very inexpensive but great brushes, although there are some other great products in their store, for example these cellulose facial sponges! Right now these are my biggest favourites and I think that sponges like these should be found in everyone’s bathroom. I dont need to buy scrubs anymore because I have these sponges to gently exfoliate my skin! My pores are totally clean and I have less problems with my skin. Totally worth the money! You need to make them wet and put some cleanser on them, then massage your skin gently! After some months of usage you can throw them away but I’d rather clean the kitchen with them or something like that! 🙂
I ordered mine at iHerb and they cost only  $2.65. Thats ridiculously cheap! I love these and I use them every evening to remove all the dirt and make up from face!


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