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március 9, 2013

Best Mineral Makeup

The best mineral makeup products and brands!

There are MANY smaller or bigger mineral makeup brands and of course the bigger brands try to release their own “mineral” line too. I have tried several products and brands, now you can see my favourites! 


Foundation – Powder – Concealer

My favourite powder mineral foundation is the Lumiere (Veena Velvet) foundation because the coverage is amazing (better than most foundations can provide) and it is available in many shades and textures. It it a powder foundation but lasts all day! I also like their powders!
The MAC Mineral foundation (cream) is fantastic, they finish is great, gives you a healthy glow, it is available in different shades BUT it is very expensive and lasts for 4-5 weeks. That’s nothing… The coverage is light to medium.
I have been using the MAX mineral concealer under my eyes for more than a year and I really like it though the coverage is not that great.

MAC Mineralize Cream Foundation
MAC Mineralize Concealer

I adore mineral blushes! My favourite brands are Lumiere, Everyday Minerals, Lily Lolo and MAC but sometimes you can find pretty mineral blushes in the drugstore too, for example look at this P2 blush! Most brands provide many amazing and gorgeous shades! Mineral blushes are must haves! 🙂

MAC Mineral Blush
P2 Mineral Blush

Eyeshadows & Pigments
Besides mineral blushes, the eyeshadows and pigments are must haves for sure! Pigments are super pigmented and can be used dry and wet as well, you’ll love them. In the photos you can see the mini Lumiere pigments, but there is so much product in the jars that I have never finished any of them! 🙂 These are gorgeous.
The Bellápierre Cosmetics eyeshadows are beautiful as well! I have a pretty purple and an amazing golden-brown colour so far but the brand releases cute make up sets from time to time, those are really nice as well!
The Lily Lolo eyeshadows are also pretty, I love the fact that the brand sells some really special colours as well!

Couleur Caramel is an exciting brand with special looking products! The eyeshadows, blushes, powders etc. are pressed and thats a rare thing in the world of mineral cosmetics! 🙂


I dont have any mineral lipsticks but I have a lot of mineral lip glosses! The Lumiere lip glosses have natural finish and of course they are available in many shades. The Bare Minerals lip colour is pretty good, I love how pigmented it is!
Bare Minerals Lip Gloss

Eye Pencils

I dont know much about mineral eye pencils but this pencil by Bare Minerals is amazing and I cant recommend it highly enough!

The products are available in the following webstores. I post these ones too because I have my products from these shops and not from the “official” site sometimes.

Couleur Caramel – Lily Lolo:
Lumiere – Bellápierre:
Everyday Minerals:
Bare Minerals:

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