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február 1, 2013

Used Up Products: Repurchase?

I have used up some products but would I repurchase them?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and the proof of the creams is in the… repurchasing! 😀 This is my slogan from now on! I have talked about it that using up products and using my stuff is my new goal because trying them out is not enough! You have to use them up to make the decision: would you repurchase them? I have collected some empty bottles and I’ll tell you which products I would re-buy.
La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel

I have used up the full sized bottle and this mini sized bottle too and I believe the Purifying Foaming Gel is one of the best cleansing gels! No, it is not a magical products as I expected but still very good. Would I repurchase? YES!
L’oréal – Vitamino Color

I got 2 bottles of this hair mask a year ago and I used up both of them. Actually this product is supposed to make your dyed hair look pretty but I didnt really care (I dont dye my hair). I loved what it did to my hair, made it soooo soft! I used it instead of conditioner by the way.  Would I repurchase? YES!
Doctor Babor Derma Cellular Collagen Booster
I got this sample in a Glossy box and the description says that this cream is as effective as facial injections. the full sized product costs about $160 and that is shocking for me because I saw no result at all. The skin on my face hated it, I had break outs so I used it under my eyes. It absorbs fast, thats all I can say. Would I repurchase? NO!
Yves Rocher 1 minute Radiance Mask
It took forever to use this hair mask up because I hated it so much! My hair became anything but radiant. The main problem is that my hair was always soooo greasy right after washing it that I just wanted to have a shower again to get rid of disgusting feeling.  Would I repurchase? NO!

Moroccan Oil Treatment

I never understood the hype around this products. It is nothing more than some argan oil with silicon. It cost more than €40 but it is not better than the cheaper versions of any other brand. I wouldnt waste my money on it.  Would I repurchase? NO!

Germaine de Capuccini Hidra-Mat Facial Emulsion

This is a great daily mattifying moisturizer that helps you keeping your T-zone nice and clean. It does nothing else, no miracles but I think it can be very useful for oily skin! Would I repurchase? YES!
The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Facial Wash
This is a foaming cleanser for sensitive skin. The pump turns the liquid into foam so it is more gentle to your skin. I dont have sensitive skin and I dont feel the benefits of the aloe vera in this products so I am not fond of it. Would I repurchase? NO!

Yves Rocher Pure System 4 in 1 Facial Cream

This is my second bottle and I love this anti acne cream because it is very cheap and effective! Would I repurchase? YES!
Maria Galland Creamy Soft Mask 

I had two mini bottles of this facial mask and I loved how effective it was at first: it made my skin very soft. But later I noticed no benefits of this mask and since it is an expensive products I would have expected more. Would I repurchase? NO!

The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Conditioner for Oily Hair

There is a review on the blog if you want to read some more about this product. My opinion is still the same, it makes my hair very dry and the bottle is a nightmare! If you have the same product you know what I mean, the plastic is too hard and it is hard to get the product out of it. I really regret buying this stuff, though I am not picky at all when it comes to conditioners.  Would I repurchase? NO!
Sweetsation Cleralysse Toner for Blemished Skin
I really liked this toner that contains only natural ingredients and this is a huge bottle, lasted for so many months! It calms the blemished skin but doesnt dry it out.  Would I repurchase? YES!
Kruidvat Cleansing Lotion

I didnt like it at all, sorry Kruidvat.  Would I repurchase? NO!

D.I.Y. Make Up Remover

This was my self-made make up remover and I loved it but I ran out of the ingredients (see the next photo), so I need to repurchase them and then I can make this great product again. I used up at least 4-5 bottles like this, I loved it! Would I Re-Make it? YES!

EURO Profit Baby Shampoo
I used to buy a more expensive baby shampoo for cleaning my brushes but then I tried this one out (much cheaper) and I dont see the difference so I sticked to this brand, this is my second bottle but not the last one for sure! 🙂 Would I repurchase? YES!

Clearasil 3 in 1 Wash

I saw it on Beautypedia (Paula’s Choice) that the Clearasil products are popular among people with acne prone skin so I gave it a try. Well two… Because it is my second bottle. Actually it does nothing to my skin, you can call it negative or positive as well, I am not impressed, thats for sure.  Would I repurchase? NO!

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter
It is just a mini sized bottle but it took forever to use it up because I hate body lotions and body butters so much! But I wanted to get rid of it, so I used it on my legs and arms and guess what? Now I love it! The skin on my legs were always dry but now: baby skin!!! 😀 I think I’m in love with body butters now! 🙂  Would I repurchase? YES!

Sweetsation Very Berry Facial Mask-Scrub

I love facial scrubs because it feels like my skin is reborn after using them. Of course the good facial scrub is gentle but effective and this one smells like Heaven as well, the scent is fantastic and it contains only natural ingredients! Perfect!  Would I repurchase? YES!

L’occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

There is one more thing I hate: hand creams! Most of them are good for nothing, I have to apply them every 10 minute to feel the results or they absorbs sooooo slowly that I go crazy. This L’occitane hand cream woke me from my night mare and now I know I found a great product! It absorbs quickly and this reach cream keeps my hands hydrated  for hours or days, I love it! Would I repurchase? YES!
Fructis Menthol-Fresh Anti-Dandruff  Shampoo
I loved this shampoo for some months but then it was no better than any other disappointing anti-dandruff shampoo. Since then I keep on changing my hair care routine and my hair loved it so I think that is an option and solution too. The shampoo is not bad by the way, but not amazing either.  Would I repurchase? Maybe.
The Body Shop Tea Tree Wipes

These are the worst cleansing wipes I have ever tried! They smell terrible, dont remove make up well and irritate my skin. Awful.  Would I repurchase? NO!
The Body Shop Tea Tree

This is my second Tea Tree kit by The Body Shop. I still use the tea tree oil so I wont talk about that one. The other three products are the facial cleanser, the facial cream and the toner. These products contain alcohol and I could feel that on my skin because it got dry and I didnt like that. And the products didnt effect my skin in a positive way so I dont think I like the Tea Tree line by this brand.  Would I repurchase? NO!

Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Line

The Skin Balancing line is made for oily skin and I bought some samples to try them out. I didnt really enjoy using them, for example the Carbon Mask was a nightmare, my face became so red and it was “burning” under the mask, awful feeling 🙁 But I still think I might want to try the rest out again for a longer time, well, we’ll see 🙂  Would I repurchase? Maybe.

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