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janu√°r 17, 2013

REVIEW The Vampire Diaries

Do you like the Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries finally return! But what did I read in the break? ūüôā
I got these books in December (as Sinterklaas gifts). I am fond of the TV series so I wanted to know the original story too and why not to practice a foreign language at the same time, so the books are in Dutch. I had read one book in Dutch already (Pretty Little Liars) and it wasnt too difficult so I gave these books a try too. (Although English is my favourite language and I like to read novels in their original language if it is possible so I might buy the next books in English).
The books contain 2-2 novels, actually the original books, if I’m not mistaken.

 I am still reading the second book so I’m going to talk about the first book (the first two novels). I think everyone knows the story: two brothers fell in love with the same woman hundreds of years ago. The girl couldnt choose so she turned them into vampires to live together, but it was her worst decision ever. The brothers hated each other forever. Then Stefan finds love again (Elena) but Damon doesnt want his brother to be happy and she likes Elena too so the fight begins…
 The first 200 pages were a bit strange because I always imagined Nina Dobrev and the rest of the actors as I was reading the lines. Then my mind finally broke this circle and I could imagine everyone in the way I wanted to. The story differs from the TV show and I’m very happy about that. The first novel of the Pretty Little Liars was very boring because I have seen everything on TV… But the Vampire Diaries TV show is loosely  based on the first 4 books, thats why I enjoyed almost every moment. Of course there are some useless lines and parts but not too much. 
Actually I prefer Elena from the novel than Nina Dobrev’s role. In the series Elane is so naive and stupid sometimes, she always does the most idiot things although everyone tells her not to….   L. J. Smith’s Elena has a stronger personality, she knows better what she wants and is less annoying.
It wasnt easy to read it in Dutch but now that I’m reading the second book I feel that my Dutch has improved, so it is a great way to practise any foreign language! You might wonder: is it worth it to read the books if I have seen the TV series already? the answer is an easy YES!  

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