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január 5, 2013

REVIEW: Maestro Brushes

Inexpensive but the quality is great? Yes, it is possible!

Put your hands up if you love pretty and good quality brushes! I LOVE them, and if I get a more special one then I stroke it for some minutes… 😀
Maestro is a Polish company and they sell inexpensive make up brushes besides some other nail and make up products. You can find and order their products here
The first thing you’ll notice that you can find hand made brushes for 3-6 euro! That looks unbelievable, doesnt it? (just think about your plastic-synthetic Essence brush that you bought for 3 euro too… The difference is huge). The brushes with golden colour are AMAZING! The quality is perfect, the bristles are soft, simply perfect! The silver coloured brushes are different: some of them are great but some of them aren’t dense enough or the bristles are not soft. But let me talk about them one by one:

This is a “joker” brush because you can use it for almost everything! This one is my favourite, it can be used to apply mineral powder foundation, primer to the face, liquid or creamy products, foundation etc. This is part of the GOLD Collection!

Brush 180

This is a big, dense brush with round head that can be used for powder and bronzer. The shape and the density is perfect but I don’t understand why it contains raccoon hair? A powder brush should be soft in my opinion and this one is far from being very soft 🙁 I’d rather pick the powder brush from their Golden Collection.

Foundation 220

The 220 foundation brush has synthetic bristles and is very small! For me it is too small to use is as a foundation brush but it can be useful as a concealer brush e.g. under the eyes or on a bigger surface etc. Use it for liquid products, synthetic brushes are great for that!

Eye Shadow Brush 320

This one costs 3,76 euro, that is a great price! This brush is very big, actually my biggest eye shadow brush. It can be very useful when you want to apply shadow to the whole eyelid etc. Made of pony hair!

Eye Shadow Brush 360

This one is very cheap too: 3,76 euro, was made of pony hair and of course this one is handmade too! The size of the brush is “normal”, smaller than the previous brush (320), I prefer using this one for my small eyes 🙂

Blending Brush 480

This one is made of squirrel hair, very soft and gentle, you can apply and blend eyeshadow with it very nicely, this one definitely is worth 6,76 euro.

Golden Collection “shadow”

The pencil brush of the Golden Collection is perfect: soft but dense and very easy to work with it. If you havent got a good pencil brush then try this one for only 6,26 euro!

Shadow 410

This one was made of sable hair and looked very pretty and promising at first. It is good for applying eyedhadow on the inner corner by the way but when I washed this brush, I got very sad: the hairs sticks together after drying too and it is obvious that there is not enough hair in this brush because half of the metal ferrule is empty now, no matter what I do with the brush. Too bad.

660 Eyeliner

I dont think you can find a great eyeliner brush like this for 2.51 euro anywhere else! This brush was made of natural hair, you can draw precise lines with it, good for beginners too!

790 Eyeliner

The other eyeliner brush cost only 3 euro and this one has synthetic bristles. The brush can be bought in two shapes: straight or angled. Perfect for drawing very thin lines.

As I said before, the brushes from the Golden Collection are amazing, I’d like to buy the rest of the collection. Besides the powder brush, all the brushes are very soft and inexpensive! You wont find cheaper ones anywhere else!

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