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Perfume Review: Shakira - Britney - Beyoncé

Celebrity perfume battle: Shakira – Britney – Beyoncé. Who makes better perfumes?

In the past I collected celebrity perfumes. Now it is different, I dont care about the brand I just want a nice scent but it turned out that I got 3 perfumes for Christmas, Sinterklaas etc and all of them are in the “celebrity perfume” category. I love all these singers and I know most of their fragrances but lets see how these ones smell!

Shakira – Eau Florale

I have Shakira’s first fragrance in my collection and I love that one but I think the Eau Florale smells better! It is not the typical floral scent and I’m happy about that, it is sweet and fruity, very nice! The only problem with this (and with all the Shakira perfumes) that it fades away fast, not really long lasting, so: 4/5

Britney Spears – Radiance

Britney (well, actually Elizabeth Arden) creates a perfume almost every year that tops the list of the best selling fragrances. In my opinion these are her best scents: Curious, Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, Believe. Radiance has a gorgeous bottle (Cosmic Radiance too, that is black instead of pink), but the scent is nothing special and fades away very fast. Sorry Britney but it is only 3/5.

Beyoncé – Midnight Heat
Beyoncé turned her very first fragrance (Heat) into something “darker”, and then the Midnight Heat was born. I liked Heat too (same bottle but looks more orange), but this version smells great too. It kinda reminds me of Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears and it is long lasting! I get compliments when I wear it 🙂 It is not that unique but really nice, so the rating is 4,5/5.


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