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október 27, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Collection

I’m going to review the new peach products by The Body Shop. Peach-lovers, you must read this! ūüôā

The new The Body Shop collection was released in September and it is called: Vineyard Peach Collection. In a post (Itt J√°rtam: The Body Shop Autumn Launch Night) you could see that I got several samples and that is the reason why I can write about these products now ūüôā

Vineyard Peach Body Butter

This is a luscious, light-textured butter that absorbs quickly without feeling greasy! This is my favourite TBS body butter that I have tried! The scent is rich, simply PERFECT! I love peach scent but it is hard to find something that doesnt smell too artificial. Well, this product is amazing! If I close my eyes I wouldnt be able to smell the difference between this body butter and the real fruit, the scent is reach and reminds me of the ripe peach and it really is long-lasting! 10/10 and it is on my wish list! ūüôā

Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub

This is my second favourite! It is a creamy scrub with the amazing peach scent. The scent might not be that strong but I dont think that’s a problem. I really like this creamy texture with the little “seeds” (though I expected more of them. For example the texture of the Olive body scrub is perfect in my opinion), that lift away the dead skin cells tenderly. 

Vineyard Peach Shower Gel

This product cant compete with the perfection of the body butter and the scrub. Although there is no problem with it, it doesnt dry the skin out, and it gives a lot of bubbles (though it is soap-free!), but the lovely peachy scent disappears when I leave the shower ūüôĀ

I coulnt try out the body lotion in this scent but I dont think anything can beat the perfect Peach body butter! ūüôā The scrub and the body butter are on my wish list and I hope they wont be sold out when I get to the shop next time (I could order them online but I have a discount code and I can only use it in the stores :p ).

Dutch webshop:

Link to the Vineyard Peach Collection:

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