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október 17, 2012

BOOK: The Original Beauty Bible by Paula Begoun

I’d like to dedicate this post to my favourite “beauty” book. 

I dont have to introduce anyone Paula Begoun, the owner of the Paula’s Choice brand. This woman started her carrier many years before, she has experienced a lot, she’s a real expert! Luckily Paula is not that kind of writer who thinks of a catchy title and then the text itself is boring and says nothing new, she does know what she is talking about! I was amazed by one of her most popular book, called The Original Beauty Bible.
Everything gets clearer and clearer through the 460 pages, but be prepared! This is not that kind of book that gives you beautiful, eye catching pictures and exciting titles, quotes… The text itself is exciting and actually I couldnt stop reading it for hours, I read more than 3/4 of the book in a couple of hours and then kept the rest for later. From the first to the last letter, this book is interesting and sometimes shocking! Paula makes us see that myths exist for a reason and we dont have to believe in them blindly.
Throughout the well researched The Original Beauty Bible Paula dispels common myths about parabens, SLS, anti-aging products, skin types, tanning, organic products and more. After opening our eyes the author offers practical advice on several skin care problems, thanks to her I understand my own skin better and I got tips for solutions as well. These lines are not the same old ones you have already read in shallow women magazines, you wont be bored, trust me!
While I was reading the book I felt like I had a smart elder sister who explains everything to me, and it is so easy to understand things now. It is a fantastic book, I have learnt a lot thanks to the writer! I wish I had a sister like Paula! 🙂
It is available in English on Paula’s site, or in several webshops even in e-book format (I got this one too).

I can show you some example pages so you can see that the book follows a good system, it is easy to read and study and the same time. The book has more than 400 pages, there are so many exciting and interesting topics! Of course I cant show you whole pages as examples but this is an amazing book! Recommended! 10/9 (the last part (about make up) shouldnt be in that book in my opinion).

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