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szeptember 23, 2012

REVIEW: P2 Products

I bought these products in July and I REALLY like them! Too bad P2 is only available in Germany.

I bought these P2 products in Germany and I wish these were available in the Netherlands too… Best drugstore brand ever!

Lash Bomb Mascara 3,45 euro

I bought the “most expensive” mascara, the rest of the P2 mascaras are cheaper. There are so many that I couldnt even choose… This is perfect for its price, I’d repurchase it.

P2 Stay Colored Eye Cream 2,75 euro

There were more colours but I chose a brownish shade. Now I regret not buying more colours because I love this cream eyeshadow, such a good base!

Feel Good Mineral Powder 3,25 euro

The rest of the P2 powders were cheaper but mineral products are always more expensive. I have been using it since July and I love it! Unfortunately I broke it, the packaging is not that strong but the product itself is awesome. Now I’m worried where I will buy a similar powder that is matte, mineral and available in light shades… Impossible, especially for this price…

Feel Good Mineral Blush (Sweet Rose) 2,65 euro

I have no idea why I didnt buy all the blushes because I LOVE it. You cant find a great, well-pigmented blush for this money. 

Pure Color Lipstick ( Union Square) 1,95 euro

There were so many P2 lipsticks, it was really hard to choose any but I think I got nice ones 🙂 I have never bought a great, creamy, pigmented lipstick for 1,95 euro! And it wasnt on sale! 

Pure Color Lipstick (Copa-cabana) 1,95 euro

I can only say good things about this one too, I like these lipsticks! 

I wanna live in Germany :((( 😀

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