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szeptember 12, 2012

REVIEW: Garnier BB Cream (Oil Free) and Pureactive 2in1 Roll

I have been using these items for months, now it is time for a review! 🙂 Lately I’ve been liking some Garnier products, I am surprised! 😀

Garnier BB cream (for oily skin)

I liked the first Garnier BB cream too but I have oily skin so I was happy to hear, Garnier released a new formula! Of course it is too dark for me, as everything else. I make it lighter with my powder or I mix it with a very light Gosh foundation. I bought these items in June and I really like the BB cream! It has a powdery, matte finish, really nice! It has SPF20. I wish it was available in more shades 🙁 That is my only problem, even the coverage is nice, I’d say medium, which is fine! I recommend it to anyone with oily skin, I hope you are not a vampire like me (toooo white skin 😀 ) then it will suit you! 🙂 It didnt break me out and caused no irritation. I LOVE IT. 5/5

The first one is the Garnier BB cream for oily skin and the second one is the first Garnier BB cream (for light skin, both of them). I had searched for a photo like this before I purchased the product but I found nothing so I made one, someone might find it useful! 🙂
Garnier Pure Active 2 in 1 Roll

I could choose an extra Garnier product with the BB cream so I grabbed this. A good concealer is always useful! This one is a tinted anti-spot roll… If that makes any sense. I’d say it is a concealer for acne, spots only! It is supposed to dry the spots but it didnt happen on my skin. But you know that my skin hates every product and nothing works for my hormonal acne, so it might work for other people. There is a clear version of this roll by the way, thats not tinted. I think this is a nice product especially if you use it with the Garnier BB cream! 5/3 for me. 

The Garnier BB cream is an awesome product, you dont have to use foundation every day if you own this: has SPF, provides medium coverage, moistures etc. 

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