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szeptember 5, 2012

My Favourite Online Shops

I collected my favourite webshops, I hope you’ll find it useful and you’ll discover some good stores 🙂

I love online shopping! You can but things that were made thousands of kilometers away, products are usually cheaper online and the possibilities are endless. I listed some Hungarian, Dutch and internation webshops here, I hope there are some stores you’ll find exciting 🙂
This brand was created by an American mother – if I can remember correctly. I was searching for natural products and then I found them. There is a Hungarian shop too, they do ship everywhere so if you want to get your product faster then this is your place to shop 🙂 You can find skin care products here for adults and for babies too!

This Hungarian webshops ships everywhere too! There are SO MANY things here, you just cant even discover everything they have: bb creams, professional, natural products, beauty blender etc.

This is the Heaven of mineral make up. The store collects the best mineral brands and products, they keep on adding new ones. They sell Lumiere, Bellapierre, EcoTools etc. products. I also have a discount code here: Viktória’s Style

This is a Hungarian BB cream shop where you can find so many things! They love cute items. Check out the site and you’ll understand what I mean 🙂

Unfortunately I have never tried these products but I really want to! I LOVE Marlena, they way she talks, and she is so professional and lovely!

This English site sells everything: clothes, shoes, accessories for women and men too, and beauty products too! The shipping is ALWAYS FREE and if you sign up for the newsletter you’ll get discount codes too every now and then.

If I can remember correctly I ordered my Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette here. The shipping cost is always free and thanks to the newsletter I get discounts!

I love this site! I ordered some things here and the shipping was very fast! You can find items of the previous seasons here and the price is amazing! Luckily the shipping cost is lower now and the site has been changed too so it is easier to use!

The store is actually not to far from me but the webstore is awesome too. You can find designer shoes here: Isabel Marant, Jimmy Choo, Prada etc, and some of them are even on sale! 

There are so many beauty products on this Asian site: nail polishes, fake eyelashes etc.

The Irish company is famous for their amazing brushes. Of course they do sell great palettes, sponges etc too but I think their brushes are great and very inexpensive, I use them every single day!

The Dutch BB cream webshop is amazing. They ship everywhere and have so many products!

The owner of this cute webshop tries to collect the best natural products from all over the world. As I noticed, most of the products are not available in Europe or the brand doesnt have its own webstore, so this site is the only place to get them! Very creative! 🙂

I have showed you so many products by this brand! I think their best products are the lip glazes, lip tints etc, but the rest didnt disappoint me either, the quality is GREAT!

Luckily this brand is available in Europe too. I have tried some of their products and I am really impressed!

I have ordered some clothes from F21 and I loved them. The accessories are amazing, just saying :p

This is a Dutch company but they ship everywhere too!  I love their body scrubs and body botters. Though I can make my own DIY body scrub but the ones by Arvella is just amazing! The body butters are natural products too, they smell sooo good!

The great and inexpensive ADEN products are available here or on the international site.

There’s no need to say anything, simply a great site!

This is an English site, I have ordered clothes and accessories, I loved them all!

The Sigma brushes are available here! Dont forget they always provide a 10% discount code every month!

SOME DUTCH or INTERNATIONAL SITES (the ones that dont ship to Hungary)

I ordered clothes and I loved them. I dont have shops close by so I had to use the webshop but it is totally fine too! 🙂

One of my favourite shops! I LOVE Yvesh Rocher products I have sooo many! I dont have a shop near by so I always use the website. Dont forget to sign up for the newsletter, they will send you discount codes or you get free shipping etc!

I have ordered shoes, clothes and seriously this is one of the best Dutch sites. I’d say it is the Dutch ASOS 😀 I love it!

I do have a shop close by (in Den Bosch) but sometimes I order things because the webshop gives as amazing discounts and offers! Sign up for the newsletter! 🙂

I’m really happy I can buy Zara items online too because the shop in Den Bosch is ridiculous… There is nothing here… For example you can barely see sale items when in all the other stores the sale is soooo good. Meh 🙁

You can buy mineral products here, make up, brushes etc. I think almost everyone knows them because of the great quality of the products, luckily they shop almost everywhere!

It is a Dutch site, there are soooo many clothes, bags etc here and sale articles are always available too, the shipping cost is free if you order above 10 euro and they are very fast! Trust me, once you get to the site, you’ll love it! 🙂

In my country this shop is called Deichmann. They sell shoes and some bags too 🙂

The Dutch webshop. I love it! Dont forget to use the discount codes, they are ALWAYS available!

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