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szeptember 21, 2012

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brush Set REVIEW

Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you a great brush set! This is the perfect “proof” that there are inexpensive but great quality brushes on the market!

Let me start by saying that I never win anything. It’s a fact! But I was very lucky in July and I won an amazing brush set with a huge palette at Blank Canvas Cosmetics! I hardly believed it when I saw my name among the winners, I was very happy! 🙂 

There are so many brushes, brush sets, sponges, palettes etc in the webshop of Blank Canvas Cosmetics! This is an Irish company but they ship worldwide! I believe they make their own brushes, you cant find them anywhere else. I’ll talk about this kit now, let me start with the “face” brushes:

F20 HD Flat Top Kabuki/Buffer Brush

This is a syntetic brush that is ideal for liquid, cream or powder products.I think it is one of the most popular BCC products and I can understand why! Usually I use it to apply my bb cream or foundation but you can use it for powder or blush too etc. you’ll love it! Some of you have asked me if there was a good brush instead of the F80 kabuki by Sigma, then I can tell you happily that there is! This brush is similar but softer and cheaper, especially if you buy it in a set! Since it is easier to wash (:p) I use this one more often, almost every day.

F16 Large Tapered Contour/Powder Brush

This is a huge brush, very soft, dense enough and made of natural, goat hair. This one is the only brush that knows what shedding means, but with a huge brush like this, it is not surprising. After washing it 2 or 3 times, it has never lost any piece of hair 🙂 This is the most beautiful brush for me, I fell in love when I touched it, very soft, I love it! It can be use for powdering, highlighting, contouring etc. but this is my number one blush brush now: easy to use, you just cant go wrong with blush if you use it!

F14 Small Contour 

It is always useful to have a good contour brush but I dont really contour my face so all I can say is that this is a soft and nice brush, it never loses its shape after washing and it is great for highlighting too, thats how I like to use it 🙂

And now the brushes for eyes and eyebrows. I think most of us are addicted to “eye brushes”, it’s just never enough of them 🙂

E26 Flat Shader Brush

Very soft, dense enough and not too big so it is suitable for smaller eyes too. It is made of natural hair, a perfect flat brush!

E23 Short Pencil

It is really dense for a pencil brush, thats why I never use it on my lower water line (isnt soft enough for me), but for the outer V, smokey eyes it is perfect! 

E24 Blending Brush

This is a must have piece! The price is incredible, especially because this is a fantastic brush! I have 3 brushes and they all look the same: BCC E24, MAC 217 and Sigma E25. The one by Sigma is horrible.. One of my worst brushes. The BCC and the MAC ones are both perfect and I dont see, feel any difference between them, but look at the price of the BCC E24! You’ll get the same quality for less money. Great deal!

E30 Double Ended Brow/Spoolie

I used to have a brow brush but that was good for nothing… This one is totally ok, I’m very happy with both ends 🙂

E28 Ultra Fine Liner

I have never used this one because I dont have any cream eyeliner. 🙁

The brush set can be found here:
 All sets:
And all the products are here (use the menu)

It is a great kit for beginners but of course the brushes can be bought separately too 🙂

And I also got a 180 colour palette! Sooo big and so many colours! 🙂 I might write about this one too and make swatches. If you want it let me know 🙂

Thank you Úna, for the beautiful gifts! 🙂

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