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ADEN Cosmetics Lipsticks

Today I’m going to show you 6 super lipsticks by Aden Cosmetics! These products are great and inexpensive, take a look at them 🙂

These lipsticks dont have gorgeous packaging but the product itself is more important and I really cant say bad things about the colours. They are all beautiful, easy to work with and wont dry your lips. These items are really inexpensive! They’re all from Aden Cosmetics.

025 Russian Red

007 Simply Red

028 Fashion Fuchsia

024 Fuchsia

027 Magic Fuchsia

020 Coral Pink

I love all the colours and the quality of the lipsticks is great, I really cant complain about them.
Two of the pinks, number 020 and 024 are my favourites, beautiful colours! I think it is easy to see that the lipsticks are pigmented and very pretty!

Where to buy? Official Site, Worldwide Shipping, discounts etc.

ADEN Cosmetics – Hydrating Lipsticks:

Over 100 EUR: 30% (off the gross list prices)
Over 200 EUR: 40% (off the gross list prices)
Over 300 EUR: 50% (off the gross list prices)


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