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július 5, 2012

Soléy: Glóey, eyGló, Graedir & Olina Face & Body Lotion

I’ll show you some great natural products today! I like brands with natural lines and I really appreciate “clean” ingredients, especially in facial creams.

All Nature Cosmetics always provide the finest and greatest natural and organic products! Monique, the owner always searched for the best and also for new brands too! Now I have two brands and four products to talk about. I’ll start with this “universal” cream:

First of all, I dont like “universal, all in one” etc. creams because these are barely good enough for my body and for my face at the same time since on my face I suffer from acne and my skin is greasy but my body is rather normal or dry. But this lotion by Olina looked exciting so I decided to give it a go! I confess, I was very happy with this product! It is a simple white cream, the packaging is simple but we have a pump and I love that, really perfect, and the best way to get out creams from a bottle. The ingredients are fantastic! Just to mention a few: Vitamin A and E, Sage, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Almond Oil etc. It smells AMAZING! The scent is not too strong but definitely great! I used it on my body, it is the perfect body lotion: my legs are always dry but it kept them soft and nice. I used it on my face too and I love it! The cream absorbs fast even on my face, it is a good base, I can put on more facial creams after this lotion or my daily make up. I’d say it is great to use in the morning or at night too, your skin will love all these natural and amazing ingredients!
I think this lotion will be the only thing I’ll bring with myself to holiday. Perfect!
Recommended: for anyone to dry to oily skin.
The company dont test on animals, the product contains no parabens, no artificial colours etc.

The other brand is Sóley, which is an Icelandic brand that is very popular in Western Europe lately! Sóley products contain all kind of organic herbs and oils that can heal the skin! They have several products, I could try out 3 of them:



The word, eyGló means “forever young” and the cream is made to brightens the dry and dull skin, to keep it soft and moistured, to give it a nice glow. I think it was my favourite product! My face skin is not dry but the cream absorbs very fast and leaves it very soft. This is a rich cream, I used it at night, but people with normal to dry skin can use it in the morning too! Because of the herbs it has a nice scent, but not strong and fades away fast, but I liked it too, smelled so fresh.
The full size product is 60 ml and it must last long because you really only have to use just a little bit and it is enough for your whole face.
Recommended for any type of skin, especially normal to dry, but I love giving some rich cream to my face in the evening too so if you have oily, combination skin, you can like it too.
In the photo you can see the sample size product.


The word means “forever glowing”. It is a exfoliator that contains peppermint so it has some kind of scent too.  It is a very gentle but effective face scrub. I could only use this sample a couple of times but I loved it! After using it my skin felt very clean and sooooo soft and I didnt even wanted to put on a facial cream because it already felt like I had something on. It moisturises and cleans the skin deeply. 
It is suitable for all skin types and the full size product is 60 ml. 
A good facial scrub can make wonders to your skin and it is one of those products! I liked it a lot!

This is a healing cream with different herbs. I have the full size product too, you can see it below. This is an all purpose healing cream that can be used for several illnesses, problems: eczema, skin irritations, burn wounds, diaper rush, dry skin, minor wounds etc. I own this product for months and used it several times. I dont have any of those problems above but I can say this is an interesting cream! In the jar it is solid but when you put it on your skin it melts and looks like an oil. It is a VERY rich cream, it absorbs slowly on my skin. I think it is perfect for people with very dry skin. If nothing really helped you so far to handle your dry skin then you should really give it a try! 

I love natural products so I was happy to try out these items too. I think Olina impressed me! I use it several times a week and I love it what the cream does to my skin. The Sóley products are very unique, special. I loved the facial cream and scrub too. I wish I had normal or dry skin, these would be the only things I use then! 

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