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július 6, 2012

Sedona Lace REVIEW 168 Pro Full Color Second Edition

I’ll show you two very exciting products! 🙂 I got a package from Sedona Lace and I’d like to review these products.

There was a 168 colour palette in the box and an eyeshadow primer. I love palettes, I never really buy mono eyeshadows, I like having a good palette in my hands so I can choose from several colours, depending on my mood 🙂 Eyeshadow primers are always very important in my life, I use them every single day, so I like trying out new brands as well.

Stick It To ‘Em Eye Shadow Primer 

I really love the packaging: very elegant and pretty! And it doesnt come with an applicator and I’m really happy about that. I think less bactera gets inside the tube without applicators! The cream is light brown but when it sets it is invisible on your eyelids. Sedona Lace promises that this primer helps the eyeshadow stay on your eyelids, no creasing! And guess what! They dont lie! I have terrible eyes, I have double eyelids and they are usually greasy… Awful! But still this primer works fine and keeps my eyeshadow on for at least 8 hours. But I took a photo: I used the Too Faced Shadow Insurance on one of my eyes and the Stick It To ‘Em Primer on my other one. After 12 hours they look the same, I dont really see any differences. Usually it costs $14,95 but sometimes it is on sale and costs only $9,95! I have only one problem with the product: when I use too much of it on my eyelids then it is harder to blend the eyeshadow. So dont use more than what you need 🙂

Stick It To ‘Em Eye Shadow Primer

I used the flash, sorry but it was around 11 pm or later.

168 Pro Full Color Second Edition Palette 

And I was the happiest with this palette! I had already owned a 88 colour palette but I broke it after 1 week so I never use it anymore. But the packaging of this 168 colour palette is much stronger (and after several weeks it is still alive :p ). This is the second edition palette, it has more bright colours than the first edition. Still, the palette contains several neutral colours, especially the brownish ones. For months I have been using my NAKED palettes to do my everyday look but this new 168 colour palette has the same neutral eyeshadows I need so I started using this one, very handy! But the most exciting eyeshadows are the bright ones! I even found neon colours, the black is real black, not grey (most black shadows suck in palettes, they are faded grey), I am seriously in love with this palette and the colours! They inspire me, I’ll show several looks with this palette! I took a short video because the photos just cant justify how gorgeous and pigmented these eyeshadows are! Please check it out!


168 Pro Full Color Second Edition Palette

Swatches: some randomly picked eyeshadows:

These colours are gorgeous and it is only a few… The rest of the palette is just this beautiful! 🙂

All the palettes:
Brushes: (OMG I’d die for a set! )

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