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június 21, 2012

How To Use Mineral Products?

I’d like to talk about mineral products and I’ll let you know how to use them! I have been crazy about mineral and natural products and I’m happy to make this short article over some of my favourites 🙂

Sometimes I get questions about mineral products. It is easy to to see that people dont know how to use these products and are not sure whether they’d like them. But trust me, once you try them out, you’ll love them 🙂
Mineral Foundation

What I use:
In the past I thought that using loose foundation is impossible, it would fall off or fade away. I was so wrong. I tried them out and realized mineral products are amazing. When it comes to foundations I would recommend Lumiere and their products because they are the best I have tried so far and are not expensive.
Mineral foundation is great for normal-oily-combination skin even with acne. I can hide my acne very well with my foundation, if you saw any of my reviews, you know what I’m talking about 🙂
I used to use the kabuki brush by Sigma but its quality is not good enough so I found another one: a simple powder brush that costs 5 USD and is perfect to work with! 
First, you have to use your daily cream. Then you pour some foundation in the lid and with the brush you’ll apply it on your face in circle motion. Usually you can build the mineral foundation till you get the preferred coverage. Then you’ll fix it with some powder.

Mineral Powder

What I use:

Powders can have colours or are ‘invisible’ on your face. I like and have them both. I use them every single day because they will fix my foundation and keep my face matte for hours! Powders are not must have products but if you  have oily or combination skin, you might need them. Usually these products contain SPF too, so even better! I always use a bigger, dense powder brush to apply the powder. You can see what products I use above! When applying powder try to tap the brush to your face so you wont “sweep away” the foundation under it.

 Mineral Blush

What I use
Blush:: Lumiere, MAC, Everyday Minerals etc….
I love mineral blushes because you just cant go wrong with them! The colours are amazing, the pigmentation is fantastic at almost most brands! They are not supposed to cause acne. I like my Sigma brush to apply foundation, I think blush brushes have to be dense enough and very soft! 
I wont tell you how to apply blush because it depends on your face shape.
 Eyeshadows, Pigments

What I use:
These products are the best things of all mineral items! I love them because they are so special. Pigments are always special and have great quality and well pigmented. I always choose the bright, exciting colours, they are so fun to work with! You can use them dry and with a wet brush too for a more intensive colour! You can use all your brushes too, you dont need special ones to apply the mineral products!

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