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m√°jus 11, 2012

My Favourite Brushes in 2012

I’d like to show you my favourite brushes today! ūüôā I am crazy about brushes, I can be sooo happy when I buy a new one or imagine when I get a whole set! I’m over the moon then ūüėÄ Brushes are my babies ūüôā 

I’d like to show you my favourite brushes!

Lets see them one by one:

I think this is my favourite brush! It can be used with all kind of foundations: liquid, cream, sometimes loose too, and perfect for BB creams too! There was a time when I was thinking about getting one more F80 brush too, thats is how amazing it is! It is perfect to work with and it has never lost any hair since I have it (a year).

I didnt really use it for month because I had never had a good powder brush, so I thought this one would be useless too. I was wrong! This brush is dense and large enough to powder my whole face with it in a few seconds though it is a travel size brush, but I’d still say it is perfect. I love using it every day with any kind of powder. Maybe I could use it for other things too (e.g. blush), but this is the perfect brush for me to apply my powder!
You can get this brush in different colours here: Born Pretty Store. The price is inexpensive, for 5-6 USD (no shipping cost) you’ll get a great brush! Recently I have noticed that this brush is the best one to apply mineral foundation with! I am so happy with it because I even use less product now to get the same coverage. In the past I used the F45 kabuki by Sigma, but that is terrible if I compare that to the BPS brush. (sheds, the hairs open up and are not even soft).

HEMA Powder Brush

You can buy it at the HEMA, which is a Dutch store chain. Most of their brushes are awful but this one is brilliant. You can apply any powder product with it to your face, very dense, LARGE and soft, though I think it is a vegan brush. But it is not available in other countries so I dont wanna waste more word on it ūüôā

Essence Brushes

These brushes can be found anywhere and are SO INEXPENSIVE! Luckily they are not limited edition products because these ones are really good. I use them almost every day, they are soft and vegan and great to  apply eyeshadows with. Of course you shouldnt expect luxurious quality, but these ones are really great!
MAC 217

I hope the company wont read this but… Why is it one of the cheapest brushes when it is simply the BEST? I dont even want to live without it anymore: it can be used for so many things: apply, blend eyeshadow, apply concealer etc. I am glad I bought it in January, it is one best brush for sure! ūüôā


This angled brush can be used to work on the crease, contour, apply highlighter etc. It can be really useful though it is not a must have brush ūüôā

Models Own Brushes

I love their bright colour. This is a drugstore brand in the UK. The brushes are not soft, that is why I like them! With this angled brush I can draw the straightest eyeliner! It is better for me than the same brush by Sigma.
The flat brush can be used for many things but the best thing I can do with it: put eyeshadow to the lower lashes. The line will be thinner than with the Sigma pencil brush and the colour is stronger, I love it!

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