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május 14, 2012

10 Irritating Things (Beauty)

The 10 most annoying things! This is a collection of things I hate when it comes to make up and beauty products, I hope you’ll find it funny  🙂

Some things can “drive me crazy” sometimes:

1. When I put mascara on my eyelid by accident:

Yes, that happens to me a lot! This is the last thing I do in the morning so I’m hungry and in a hurry and sick of putting on make up anyway 😀 Thats when it happens and if the mascara is really long-lasting then I have to remove the whole make up…
2. Ruin my drying nail polish:

If the nail polish doesnt dry in 1 minute then there is a chance I’ll ruin it. After applying nailpolish I always think of things I have to do RIGHT AWAY, so… bye-bye pretty nails… 😀
3. My hair sticks into my lipgloss:
In my childhood I loved eating my hair (ewww), but now I dont like it at all. What a disgusting feeling/look.

4. When the eyeshadow looks different on my eyelid:
That happens when I want to work with something I have never used before and it looks different on my skin than in the palette. Then usually it makes me go mad and I wash off everything 😀

5. Not straight eye liner:
Cat eyes look so great but not on me. I dont really use eyeliners because of my eyelid and I cant draw a straight line 😀
6. Sneeze after applying mascara:

Why do I always have to do this when I just finished my make up??? 😀
7. Pouring product on myself:

I always dress up first then do my make up and loose foundation, powder, pigments or a simple cream can make my shirt dirty. Damn, I hate that!
8. Body lotions:

Usually I use them in the morning after having a shower. Most of them dries soooo slow so I cant dress up, I just do nothing and wait. Awful! 😀
9. Acne:

Most of the time I get new big and red acne spots during the night so I cant even make them heal, I have to deal with the all day… Of course no concealer helps me then and it ruins my whole day.
10. Bad hair day:

My hair can ruin my days, it lives its own life and does what it wants to do! When I have a bad hair day I feel bad and I cant even take outfit or FOTD photos for my blog :((( 😀
What drives you mad? 

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