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február 22, 2012

Buff'd Cosmetics

Today I’m going to talk about a brand that sells mineral products! I got some samples and I enjoyed the products so here’s my review 🙂

As you know I love mineral cosmetics and I am still searching for the right products or brands. Although these companies all share the same name “mineral” but there are big differences sometimes! About this company: they have LOTS of products and soooo many colours! I was really amazed when I checked their site! And you can buy samples too to try out the products before buying the full size jars. I love the fact that you can find matte or shimmer blushes too, they are well separated so you wont get lost on the site while you’re browsing.

These are the samples I got:

Of course the first things I tried out were the blushes. I daresay these are the most beautiful colours I’ve ever seen! I like Playful for being matte and that colour is just gorgeous! But Tricky is just as pretty but I have to apply a bit more of this to get the preferred colour/shade. I really like matte bronzers, they are good for contouring. Maple is a beautiful medium-light colour and very easy to blend! I like my Benefit Bronzer too but I think this one is better because of the nicer colour and it blends into your skin so well! I think this one looks very nice on lighter skin tones! These three products are fantastic!

Look at them, how beautiful they are!

Eyeshadows and Eyeliner 

I got 2 eyeshadows too. In my opinion these two colours are not so special. I really like the lighter Plaster but then I think of all the similar colours I already have because almost every palette has an eyeshadow like this. Since it is not matte, you cant really use it for highlighting either. The other, darker brown colours is Mousy. It looks pretty but I think it contains too much shimmer for a dark brown eyeshadow so it makes it hard to use this colour on a daily base. The quality of the eyeshadows is not bad, exactly what I expected: they are long lasting with the Too Faced eyeshadow base but not that great with a cheaper eyeshadow primer but 99% of the eyeshadows act like this.
Buff’d Cosmetics has 9 eyeliners! I think it is the first time I see mineral eyeliners! Especially in 9 different colours… I really like Magnetic, I think it is better to use them wet! I used a simple angled brush to apply this eyeliner and I had no problem with this, it is very easy to draw a nice line with it! The pigments must be SUPER fine!

Foundation, Powder etc… 

Illuminating Dust – Candlelight

Well I used it as a highlight colour because I love the glow to it! My skin looks so fabolous with this, I swear! I really love this golden colour, I think this is a fantastic product! I have been using it every day since I got it! I think it says enough!

CANDLELIGHT Illuminating Dust

Putty Finishing Powder

The site says this is made for people with normal to dry skin. Well, my skin is rather oily. But anyway, that wasnt my problem with this. I like my powders when they give me good coverage. And it is hard to find a mineral powder that satisfies my needs, this one couldnt. But i have to confess the colour is beautiful and makes the skin glow!

PUTTY Finishing Powder


It is very interesting that all foundations have 3 types: Original, Light and Concealing. Light gives you a very light coverage while Concealing is made for people with acne and oily skin so it gives you the best coverage. I have the first two types. It was very disappointing when I opened the first foundation and it was lumpy! It was even hard to make the swatch with it. I never saw something like this before. Although the other foundation sample was totally ok and not lumpy. I find it strange. 


Finishing Powder & Candlelight Illuminating Dust:

This company sells some really great products! Of course we all have different needs and preferences, I am picky when it comes to foundation and powders but I REALLY loved the blushes, bronzer and the illuminating dust! I think those are outstanding products! The workers were really nice and helpful! I also like the fact that we can actually CHOOSE. Some companies make 1-2 bronzers or hightlight colours but here…. You can find everything! There are lipsticks too (17!!!) which is another rare thing in the mineral cosmetics world! 
I hope more and more people will hear about this brand and get to know their products!

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