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február 23, 2012

Hand and Nail Care

I didnt talk about this subject before though I get a lot of questions about my nails. Honestly, I dont do much to keep my nails strong and long but I’ll show you the products I use etc.

I wont talk about too many things because my nails are strong enough, sometimes I think they are too strong… All I noticed that vitamins are really good for them so that is the only thing I can recommend 🙂
My hands get dry in winter so I do use some creams, I’ll show you the ones I have been using lately.

The tools:

Two things are inevitable for me: some scissors, because they are the only things I can use to cut my VERY strong nails. I even have to put my fingertips into water for a few minutes before cutting to make them softer.
And a nail file, what I use after cutting to shape my nails.
In the middle of the photo you can also see an other tool, I use it for cutting cuticle sometimes because I didnt like the orange tree sticks.


I really like PureCarmille cream by yves rocher because it works very well and saved my life during winter!
Herb Basics has some awesome products too, I really like their hand cream with apple scent. This is just a small bottle but I have been using it for months!
I use the Arvella body butter when my skin is VERY dry. This is a great treatment because of the natural oils it contains. 
Avoplex by O.P.I. is a great products too, a cuticle oil which I use sometimes… 🙂

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