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január 1, 2012

REVIEW Sleek Palettes (Curacao & Paraguaya)

My first Sleek palettes! I heard so much good about them so Im glad that I could buy them 🙂

I like the paper box, it is very nice and the look of the palettes are classy! The names of the palettes are printed on the front so it is easy to find the right palette when we need them. I think the products are small so perfect for travelling!


All the colours have names too and they are printed on a piece of plastic which is nice and annoying at the same time… It is falling out all the time when I want to use the palette so I just put it in the box so it is kinda useless…
But the colours have very good pigmentation, maybe one of the blues are not that great but the rest of the palette has amazing colours! Perfect for a summer or party look but I also love using the dark purple, green and black for a smokey look! This is a perfect palette! 


When I bought it I was shure I was going to love this palette! But then I realized that these colours are too orange and when they come together on the eyelid then they dont make a nice couple… I love some of the colours, they look really special, especially the first half. But I think these ones or very similar ones can be found in other Sleek palettes (Oh so special and Monacco). The grey is very week and some other colours too, they dont have good pigmentation, but the rest is ok. So the colours are amazing and thats why I rather start my day with this palette instead of Curacao but the quality of the other palette is much better. It is not a must have item but definitely nice and presents amazing colours!

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