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janu√°r 9, 2012

REVIEW: Sigma Mr. Bunny Brush Kit

Some of my followers asked me to review this kit so here it is ūüôā The Mr. Bunny kit is pretty new and you might want to check it out! ūüôā

I didnt order anything during the Black Friday because I just couldnt choose. Then a bit later Mr and Mrs Bunny arrived to Sigma! And I knew I need one of these sets! I really like synthetic brushes, I find them better, easier to handle, clean etc. So I decided to ask for Mr. Bunny as my Christmas present and since then we are in love! ūüôā

The set contains:

-7 travel size brushes
– 1 brush holder
+ an extra brush as a gift

I am absolutely satisfied with the products and the delivery time. I really admire Sigme because of their fast shipping method and the packages are always very well protected. The brushes are very good quality and we get an extra holder which is really useful! Actually you get two because half of it is perfect for the brushes the other half can be filled by other ones, sooo practical and looks amazing! I really love travel site brushes because the normal size is just way too long for me, I bet I’m not the only one who knocks the mirror with the handle, right? :p I find them more practical and the head of the brushes are the same so there is no problem with that! By the way they are just as big as my F80 brush so not short at all.

Synthetic hair: says enough! I always prefer brushes with synthetic fabric, someone it is easier for me to use them, clean them, they get dried faster and no animal got harmed because of my brush ūüôā I washed them several times and no hair got lose! The brushes are super soft and dense, I just cannot complain about them! I do believe that this is a perfect starter kit for anyone! I use most of the brushes every single day and even if I had to use more then those ones can be bought separated on the website: F80 is my FAVOURITE ever or a kabuki etc). But let me introduce the brushes one by one:

F30 Large Powder
I have another great powder brush but this one is just sooooo soft! I am still amazed by the quality of the Sigma brushes especially because they are synthetic. The head is big enough to apply any powder product but I use it mostly to apply my powder and bronzer. I find it perfect for those products. 4.5/5

F40 Large Angled Contour

When I saw the brush I knew it was going to be my blush brush, since then we are in love and nothing can tear us apart ūüėÄ Among the face brushes this is my favourite, I just love the way it is: soft, dense, perfect for blush and contouring! I use it with powder products only because I dont use other kind of products.

F60 Foundation
I dont really use it because I am sick of liquid foundations and it is not too good to apply BB creams (only liquid things I use), so I cant really tell you how good this brush is but I didnt like the way it applied my BB creams so I guess foundation would be a problem too. But I think it can be very useful to apply your cream or concealer of you need more than usual. 

E55 Eye Shading

My favourite when it comes to eye brushes because it is SOFT, dense and makes everything so easy: picks the eyeshadow very well, no fall outs but beautiful colours! I use it for everything I can, probably my favourite brush ever ūüėÄ Perfect for my eyeshape!

E40 Tapered Blending

Perfect to create crease or to soften the colours there. It is a really useful and good brush I am glad it is part of the collections. 4.5/5

E30 Pencil

I was longing for a good pencil brush and now here it is. I dont find it too important it is not a must have brush but obviously it is good for many things: applying eyeshadow to the lashlines, creating crease, drawing the “V” , placing the lightest colour to the eyecorner etc. 4/5

E65 Small Angle

I dont have a cream eyeliner so I couldnt try it out yet but I really love brushes like this, they can be multi-used!

E25 Blending

I didnt have this one so I was happy to get it. I use it every single day I find it perfect in blending the colours. I couldnt find out whether it has real or synthetic hair but I think it is real. The site says it is great at applying eyeshadow base or the base colour. 5/5

I am really happy with this kit, I use the brushes every single day (most of them). I love them all, if you need a started kit, do not hesitate, now you can get a 10% discount on your entire order with the code above! 

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