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december 7, 2011

REVIEW: Everyday Minerals

This is not the first time I write about this company. Months ago I told you that you can get free foundation samples (you only pay for the shipping cost). What an awesome offer! This time I’d like to review some products, I was given by Everyday Minerals.

I think EM is one of the biggest companies that sell mineral cosmetics. They are successful because the quality of the products is amazing, there are lots of discounts and special offers, the site is easy to use and contains a lot of products! I am a fan of mineral make up, because I think it does matter what you put on your face! I got 4 products and I use 3 of them almost every single day! (on other days I test other products). I think it says enough. I’ll talk about 2 blushes and 2 eye shadows!

The jars are so simple and cute! It just feels so good to hold them in your hands! I like the design a lot! Other companies always use black black and black…. But these jars look really pretty and girly! The package was really nice as well, and I was sent a piece of paper too with very useful suggestions and advice how to use these products!

I got two blushes and these colours are just GORGEOUS! I never thought I could fall in love with blushes but it is possible! 
PINK RIBBON is a beautiful light pink colour that gives my skin a very fresh colour. I think it looks really nice on my fair skin. The pigmentation is perfect and gives you a nice glow when the sun light touches your skin. This is an amazing product! You only need a bit of product to get pretty cheeks, thats why I love Everyday Minerals! And their products are really long lasting! 
SNUGGLE is a peachy colour and I never dared to buy a blush like this for me because I was sure it would look bad on my face but NO! This is a lovely colour and gives me a natural look. Usually I have a little fight inside of me in the morning because it is hard to choose: Shall I wear Pink Ribbon or Snuggle today?????” 😀 
I also adore the jar itself because you can close it very well and it is easy to work with it. 
I’m thinking about getting more EM blushes! But it is SO HARD to choose because I LOVE all these colours! Just check them out, you’ll agree with me.

Eyeshadows: I got 2 very nice colours that I can use together or mix them with other colours. I think EM makes great quality eyeshadows, they stay on my eyelid all day! Even on my watermark! AMAZING!

I DO DECLARE is a dark brown colour that can be used whenever you want to and will suit almost every other colour. This is the one I put on my watermark and stayed there all day. Better than eyepencils! 

HOT CHOCOLATE I have one problem with it: why is it hot chocolate? 😀 I would expect a darker colour but it is just a name 🙂 It is hard to explain how this eyeshadow looks, creamy, shiny, beautiful. It looks really pretty on the inner side of my eyelid or underneath the eyebrows. 

I think both of them are gorgeous and great quality products!

I can recommend all these products, I am very satisfied with them and I’ll definitely order more products, maybe foundations or powders oh and of course some blushes (If I can choose… 😀 ).

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