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december 16, 2011

Models Own Neon Brush Set

When I looked at this cute brush set with this cool colour I knew I wanted them! And they were on sale so it was the perfect opportunity to they them out 🙂

This is a travel size brush kit with a special neon colour! I really like travel sized brushes because my eyes are not that sharp… so I go closer to the mirror and with a regular brush I just hit the mirror again and again. So I prefer brushes with shorter handle because the brush itself is still as great as the real sized one. So besides the colour I love the price tag too! You get nice and useful brushes for a very low price! I think it is perfect for people who havent saved enough money up to buy a good brush kit but they still want something good. And these brushes are really useful, and I say that because in most kits you can find brushes you’ll never use e.g brow brush… Ok it is not needless but thats not what you need in the first place, right? 🙂

They come in a plastic bag and they were in a box as well so no damage can happen! You can see their names on each brushes! 

Powder Brush 

This is the biggest brush in the set but I think it is not enough… I never liked small powder brushes, I like my BIG ones, because it is much easier to work with them and faster! It does its job but for my personal preferences, I’d say I rather use it as a blush brush than to apply powder on my face. I washed it and didnt lose its shape, didnt lose any hair and still very soft!

Angled Brush

I use it to make precise lines and it is pretty good at it. I think it is not that soft, because it is a very dense brush! So I dare to recommend it for: eyeliners and colouring your eyebrow. But I havent tried to do that so I’m not sure. But it is always good to try out the brushes in every possible way, you never know! 😀

Lip Brush

When I opened it I was shocked because it felt so hard! I was thinking about returning the product but then I decided to fight a bit :p So I pushed and pulled the brush a bit and thats it! The brush was much softer and I could use it right away! It is really hard for me to work with darker lipsticks so it is a saver for me, I can apply lipsticks easily and the result is just so much better! The brush is not that soft but I think thats why it is a good lip brush but I havent tried different!more expensive ones.

Blending Brush

This is my second favourite brush because it does its job perfectly. I use it every day to blend colours and make the look less dramatic. Dense enough and doesnt shed even after washing and didnt lose its shape!

Shading Brush

This is my favourite of this set because this brush just does its job very well! I can use all kind of eyeshadows, pigments, it will work!  There are no fallouts if I use this brush so I am really happy with it! 

So it is a set for beginners and not for professionals haha. If you want your brushes to be super soft then dont buy them because they are very dense! No hair fell out, the quality of the brushes is very good! And come on it is soooo cheap! I bought them for about 9 euro (there was no shipping cost). I use the eye brushes every day. Blending and shading brushes? They are never enough 😀 

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