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december 28, 2011

Cleaning Your Brushes With Alcohol

I have been interested in this subject for a while now because opinions can be so different, so lets see what I experienced!

There are different opinions about this cleaning method so I really wanted to try it out. Basically I wash my brushes with baby shampoo, the first one I picked worked very well, my brushes become clean in a sec so I love it but I dont really want my brushes all the time so I thought: lets buy some alcohol! I knew I wasnt going to buy 90 or more % alcohol because I heard too much bad about it and it dries too fast so wont clean most of the bacteria, and makes the brushes dry out. And even in hospitals the 70% alcohol is used and this was the only one I could find at the chemist’s (else I have to pay extra taxes… ok…). So I bought this bottle, has 120 ml alcohol in it which is 70% and cost about 1.6 euro.

The Sigma brushes I wanted to clean: I only used them once or twice.

The things I used:

I washed the brushes twice in the alcohol and I can say almost nothing happened. You can see in the photos that the end of the smaller brushes are still dirty and the bigger ones look like nothing happened… They are just as dirty as they were…. oh and it takes forever them to dry 🙁

So I really cant use the 70% alcohol for cleaning and I’m not going to use stronger alcohol on my brand new brushes because they are not that cheap so I’m trying to take care of them. I wont throw away this bottle because alcohol will be good to kill the bacteria in my brushes especially when I’m sick. That’s all it is good for. 

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