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november 29, 2011

Review: Couleur Caramel by All Nature Cosmetics

It is such a gorgeous, lovely and special palette, I need to write about it ūüôā And of course I can also show you some eyeshadows and a blush! ūüôā

I own these things thanks to the great webshop: All Nature Cosmetics. This is a Dutch webshop where you can find all kind of natural and mineral products. They collect the best quality, natural products from all over the world and bring them close to us. Worldwide shipping is available but you have to contact them to get the rate. The owner of the shop is a sweet person who asked for my honest opinion, so here it is!

There are the testers, thats why they are packed like this but check out the website where you can see the super cute package what you’ll get with the eyeshadows, blushes etc!

The PALETTE is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Nice colours, great quality, awesome idea! Isnt it just the perfect gift for a girl? ūüôā It has a big mirror and enough space for eyeshadows and blushes. It also comes with 2 applicators, but I havent used them, I rather use brushes. You dont need magnets to place the products in it, thats why this palette is just really really useful! I believe this is perfect to keep it in your bag so you can use it whenever you need to refresh your make up! (work, school, etc).

I got these amazing colours! 4 eyeshadows and a Blush. 

The BLUSH is a pretty peachy colour. It is a long lasting and nice colour, and super big! 7 g. I think it will last forever for me… ūüėÄ You can choose from many beautiful colours. I’d say you can never go wrong with a nice pink or light peachy colour! They come with a cute “bag”, take a look: SO CUTE!

Four gorgeous EYESHADOWS! I am wearing them right now too ūüėÄ You can see in the next pictures that these colours are amazing, I barely touched the products with my fingers and look at the colours, so vivid! I love them! The second and third colours are definitely must haves! 2,5 g, so pretty big as well! There are no fall outs at all! This is one of the most important things about an eyeshadow for me! They also contain A, E and F vitamins and only natural ingredients!

Eyeshadows and the Blush:

Blush on my face: (a quick photo.. but you gotta see this nice colour!)

So I LOVE these products for several reasons, they are just so pretty, cute, special and good for my skin! I can recommend these pressed eyeshadows, blushes, etc. because life is easier with them (no fallouts) but still natural! 
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